Fledbag® Funnel Box

designed for safety, efficiency & convenience
  • Easy grain storage
  • High weight capacity for efficient material handling
  • The seed box has an Interior Funnel Design
  • Durable construction for long service life
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Technical details

  • Assembled Size 56.5 (l) x 45.0 (w) x 65.0 (h) Inches
    1435.1 (l) x 1143.0 (w) x 1651 (h) mm
  • Assembled Weight 331 lbs. / 150.1 kg
  • Nested Size56.5 (l) x 45.0 (w) x 39.3 (h) Inches
    1435.1 (l) x 1143.0 (w) x 998 (h) mm
  • Nested Weight331 lbs. / 150.1 kg
  • Base Component Size56.5 (l) x 45.0 (w) x 33.1 (h) Inches
    1435.1 (l) x 1143.0 (w) x 841 (h) mm
  • Base Component Weight208 lbs. / 93.4 kg
  • Ring Component Size 56.5 (l) x 45.0 (w) x 32.0 (h) Inches
    1435.1 (l) x 1143.0 (w) x 813 (h) mm
  • Ring Component Weight 100 lbs. / 45.4 kg
  • Lid Size 56.5 (l) x 45.0 (w) Inches
    1435.1 (l) x 1143.0 (w) mm
  • Lid Weight 23 lbs. / 10.4 kg

Application videos of the Fledbag® Funnel Box as a bulk goods container, grain container and seed box

Video Fledbag Funnel Box (Seed Box)

Video Fledbag Funnel Box as Grain Container

Fledbag Funnel Box + Slide
Slide for the granary / grain silo

The reusable grain container is an efficient and versatile container that is used for transporting and emptying seeds, feed, coffee beans, cocoa beans, grains and much more. 

The Fledbag® Funnel Box features a smooth, sloped interior and a generous center exit port, which allows safe, complete emptying of contents in as quickly as 30 seconds. Its high-strength plastic construction handles loads up to 1200kgs. The containers stack and nest to eliminate wasted space; their modular dimensions maximize trailer cubing to reduce freight cost.

Thousands of units are now in use for bulk product distribution, where the unique design provides a safer work environment, saves hundreds of work hours in handling bulk bags and reduces packaging and disposal costs.


  • Designed for safe, one person operation
  • Smooth interior for quick, complete content discharge
  • Stack and nest for efficient shipping and storage
  • Excellent protection against rodents / contaminants
  • Reusable for lower cost per trip and quick payback
  • Durable construction for long service life
  • Eliminates waste and bag disposal costs
  • 100% recyclable

Description of the bulk container

1. Content Security
Lids and sliding discharge door can be sealed with security tags to prevent content contamination.

2. Tight Fitting Lid
Lids give extra product protection against rain, rodents, dust, dirt and other contaminants. Lids feature reinforced ribbing and corner stacking supports.

3. Rugged Construction
Molded of 100% high‑density polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam. Will not rust, peel or splinter. Resistant to water and mild acids, and withstands temperatures of -20˚ F to 120˚ F (-28.8˚ C to 48.8˚ C).

4. Cross-Member Reinforcement
Ring section contains molded-in cross members for additional lateral strength and reinforcement.

5. Interior Funnel Design
Interior of the base features smooth sides and funnel shape for complete emptying without tipping.

6. Side Access Sliding Door
The side access door allows one person to control the flow and safely remove all or part of the box contents.

7. Wooden Anti-Slip Rails
Solid oak base rails protect underside of box and reduce slippage on forklift tines.

8. Safe, Fledblag Funnel Box Discharge
FLEDBAG® Funnel Box discharge port allows safe, quick emptying of part or all of the container’s contents.

9. Easy Operation Locks
Latches securely lock ring to base.

10. Four-Way Entry Pallet Base
Containers feature four-way forklift entry and are pallet jackable for easy handling.

11. Efficient Nesting Storage
Removable top ring inverts and nests over base for compact storage. When nested, the FLEDBAG® Funnel Box takes up 40% less space.

12. Reinforced Feet with Steel Hit Plates
Steel plates deflect forklift tines and prevent spearing for extended utility. Reinforced feet allow FLEDBAG® Funnel Box to be securely stacked four high.

13. Clear Plastic Document Holders
Clear plastic sleeves hold identification tags and forms. Two sleeves are standard, one each on the 45˝ ends. 

14. Secure Stacking
Box features guide lugs for easy stacking. Maximum stack filled: four containers.

15. Sliding Door Latch
Easy-to-operate latch handle secures and releases sliding door. Molded-in eyes allow installation of additional security ties.

Wide Range of Applications

FLEDBAG®Funnel Box


Component Parts

Plastic Pellets

Identification Options

Adhesive Tags
Optional 4˝ x 2˝ serial number adhesive tags permanently attach below the slide door. 

Adhesive Signs
In addition to the standard clear plastic document holders, 9˝ x 6˝ custom signs are available for two locations on each 45˝ end. 

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