Fledbag® Jet Bent

  • nozzle head bent by 45 degrees
  • suitable for spraying on plants in rows such as corn, soy, pumpkin etc.
  • Herbicides are applied directly under the stand after the rows have been closed - reducing drift
  • without Distance Control
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Technical details

  • Length 800mm
  • Weight300g
  • Assemblymounting plate incl. without screws

Here the nozzle head is bent by approx. 45 degrees and thus the Fledbag® Jet Bent can be used in a wide variety of areas (row spraying with corn, soy, sugar beet, vegetables etc.).

Application example - rapeseed beetle in bloom:

The insecticide is applied under the bloom and is therefore not dangerous to beneficial flower insects such as bees. But the rapeseed beetle is a cowardly beetle! By shaking the rods in the rapeseed, it drops to the ground. The plant protection product is applied with the Fledbag® Jet Bent under the bloom and it exactly works where the beetle is located.

Application example - soybean:

The second spray has to be carried out, for example, with 7.5 g Harmony and 0.5 l Plusar, before the plant covers the soil 100% (when the row is finished).

Since the soybean is very sensitive to herbicides and is known to be sprayed 200-300 kg of the yield with each spray, the Fledbag® Jet Bent is a great alternative to combating weeds in the row (after the row has been finished) without decreasing the yield!

Application example - corn:

The Fledbag® Jet Bent is the perfect device, especially for propagation, because the propagation plants are very sensitive and mostly not resistant to conventional, approved corn herbicides!

Since most of the propagation plants have grown rather short and the flags are cut off by various mowing work, one has to fight with heavy weeds between the rows. The Fledbag® Jet Bent offers the ideal support therefore.

A final feature of this nozzle is the special advantage that you can spray in the crops with the Fledbag® Jet Bent, which helps reducing the drift by a multiple.

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