Fledbag® Easy

for returnable big bags
  • Especially suitable for returnable big bags
  • Big bags are reusable
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Technical details

  • TÜV test specification Germany LFGB § 31 / Food
  • Material FledbagPolyamide with glass fiber
  • Average flow depending on material density300-800 kgs / minute
  • Material rivets stainless steel
  • Material screws galvanized
  • Inner diameter 14 cm
  • Height 15 cm
  • Weight 1480 g
  • Country of origin Austria



for returnable big bags

Open the first knot on the big bag outlet and push the tensioning ring onto the protruding discharge hose.

Position the FLEDBAG® Easy on the discharge hose from underneath.

Pull the tensioning ring down, and fasten the tensioning ring with the discharge hose on the FLEDBAG® Easy. Do not attach the tensioning ring at the top edge, but along the neck of the FLEDBAG®.

Open the second knot on the outlet so that the content can run into the FLEDBAG® Easy. Open the slide to empty.

What FLEDBAG® customers say

Murat D.

A great invention, easy to use.

Maria S.

Fast, uncomplicated delivery. Top product!

Hans P.

We work with big bags a lot, the Fledbag is the perfect tool to help us dispense from them.


Reinforced chisel tip

Easier penetration into Big Bag fabric.


Innovative Vario gate valve with high tightness for flexible dosage.

Steady + stable

Flat state by submerged connecting screw.

Flexible, folding handle

Skewed depositing of the big bag – no problem! Sometimes the big bag is still swinging slightly on lowering so that the FLEDBAG® Original can easily tip on penetrating the bag. The moving handle gives in and nothing breaks.

Enormous stability

The C-Modified Polyamide Glass-Fiber Mixture withstands the highest loads and provides for indefinite service life when properly used. There is no corrosion.

Even more possibilties

For reusable big bags we recommend the use of the FLEDBAG® Easy. It was specially developed for use with reusable big bags.

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