Grain Storage

Fledbag Funnel Box - the most efficient container for free-flowing materials such as seeds, pellets or granules. Reusable, heavy-duty and stackable. Also available with extensions and additional functions.

  1. Fledbag® Funnel Box
    Fledbag® Funnel Box
    • reusable
    • highly resilient and stackable
    • protection against rodents/contaminants/wetness
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  2. Fledbag® Funnel Slide
    Fledbag® Funnel Slide
    • enables easy emptying
    • simple handling and assembly
    • reliable opening-/closing mechanism
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  3. Fledbag® Funnel Box Opener
    Fledbag® Funnel Box Opener
    • remote control to open and close the Fledbag Funnel Box
    • safe and easy emptying
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  4. Fledbag® Funnel Air Box
    Fledbag® Funnel Air Box
    • ideal for the cold ventilation of seeds and propagation seeds
    • germination ability is not affected
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  5. Fledbag® Air 2400
    Fledbag® Air 2400
    • up to 3 Fledbag Funnel Boxen can be ventilated at the same time (= 3600 kg content)
    • 1860 cum / h Air flow rate
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  6. Fledbag® Pipe
    Fledbag® Pipe
    • Length: 6m
    • Colour: Grey
    • Temperature resistance: -30°C to +80°C
    • Operating pressure max. 0,5 Bar
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  7. Fledbag® Report
    Fledbag® Report
    • cost effective method of the silo level indicator
    • easy installation and maintenance free
    • clear visibility – glows in the dark
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