Fledbag® Jet Double

  • cabezal de doble boquilla
  • apto para soja, patatas, remolacha azucarera, hortalizas, etc.
  • Los nutrientes para plantas no se aplican en la superficie de la hoja (la cutícula) como suele ser habitual, sino en la parte inferior de la hoja (con mejor recepción de nutrientes)


  • Largo 800 mm
  • Peso 300 g
  • Montaje se incluye placa de montaje sin tornillos

This nozzle is suitable for use with soybeans, potatoes, sugar beets, etc. and is something for professionals!

With the Fledbag® Jet Double, plant nutrients e.g.: IPUSagro Quattro P 500 (www.ipus.at) and EMP can be applied to plants more effectively.

As it is well known, the leaf surface of the plants has a protective layer (wax layer), which is supposed to protect the plant from various harmful influences. If you apply the nutrients with normal nozzles, the efficiency is very low. The auxiliary materials land on the upper side of the leaf, which, however, is protected by the wax layer. The result is a poor uptake of nutrients by the leaf cells.

But if you work with the Fledbag® Jet Double using, for example, a special nozzle that sprays 90 degrees into the crop, the plant additives are brought into the crop and onto the bottom side of the leaves, where a much better degree of efficiency is achieved.

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