Fledbag® Blue Light 400

LED-light crop protection
  • Fledbag® Blue Light 400 is a state-of-theart blue crop sprayer light and the latest addition to our successful Scorpius work light family. Originally developed for the mining industry, the standards for this work light are set high. Adapted to the agricultural industry, and designed specifically for crop sprayers, the Fledbag® Blue Light 400 LED pencil beam illuminates the boom, the nozzles and the spray pattern. It has an excellent luminous intensity of 30 000 candela, making it the best blue pencil beam you will find on the market.
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Technical details

FLEDBAG® Blue Light 400

  • Light Color Blue, 475nm
  • Luminous intensity30000 cd
  • Nominal Voltage DC12 V / 24 V
  • Input Voltage 9-16 V / 18-32 V
  • Power Consumption 42 W
  • Body / Housing Aluminium
  • Weight 1,1 kg
  • Mount Single Bolt M10

FLEDBAG® Blue Light 400

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